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Where can i hide my 43 inch tv?

15 answers · 1 day ago
my sister has tv phobia

LG vs Samsung TV for Christmas?

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TV not connecting to aerial?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Hi All. Have a TV for the bedroom and because there is no aerial port up there I have bought an indoor aerial. The aerial connects to a small box is connected to the mains. On the small box it has the port to connect to the TV. When I tune the TV it will not pick any channels up HELP?

Rabbit chewed tv wire?

12 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Yes it's dangerous. You definitely should tell them. And this is why you don't allow rabbits/ rodents to roam the house freely. Consider it lucky they didn't get fried. We kept my rabbits confined to a back room maybe considerate kind of arrangement.

I heard that manufacturers like Samsung make ca lesser quality product of televisions just for Walmart. The LGs and Samsung at Walmart are not the same quality as they are at Best buy and Walmart is not telling the customers

Want to get a 3D blu ray player but would I need a 3D TV to use it?

Best answer: It’s a historical legacy from the days before TV when people had “wireless sets/radio sets”. The radio needed an aerial/antenna, a power supply and the “wireless” unit itself. Internal parts were very modular and things like photoelectric valves had to be regularly replaced. So the whole assembly was called a... show more

What hdtv antennas work?

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Digital TV Signal?

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In a highly clouded apartment with no common antenna, how can I receive a digital TV signal from a transmission station situated approximately 100 km, away. I have try to use an indoor antenna with booster, but it won't work! Can someone advise ?

I just got Guitar hero, and I really wanted to play TV, but it’s saying the connection is down.

I have to turn it up more to be able to hear it but then the sound from the back of it is even louder disturbing everyone else. Is there an easy inexpensive trick for this?

These are selling like hot cakes, and thier junk.

Best answer: Internet connection. Since we don't know which TV, what local area network connection (wifi, wired ethernet - 10BaseT or 1000BaseT or something else), internet service provider or other devices on the network that might impact throughput, there is no way for us to make a fully informed diagnosis.

When is a TV most likely to fail?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Most that are defective will be bad out of the box or fail withing the first two or three weeks. Of course, failures can occur at any time, but after a short period they become less likely, then the chance increases again right about the time the warranty runs out.

So I had a lamp on with no shade and it ended up leaning on my tv. It's now left this bog yellow circle on my screen. Is there any way to fix it? The screen itself is fine it seems like it's on the inside.

My maid just cleaned my qled with windex and paper towl while i was away , now screen has white patches on it as it has been scratcehd what should i do