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Tv isn't old, just not Smart. It's called Element if that helps.

Is QLED the best HDTV to buy.?

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when you got tv over the air, you could switch channels in less than a second. but with my xfinity, the current channel freezes for 5 whole seconds. Also, what makes tv so expensive to [roduce that it has to be nothing but commercials? What the hell am I paying the cable company for? Wasn't cable originally a... show more

I'm in the market for a 4k tv to pair with my Xbox One X. It will be used mostly for movies and tv shows but I do have some upcoming games I would like to play in 4k (such as RDR 2). Don't really care much about apps and wifi features as I plan to use my Xbox for that. I just get overwhelmed looking at... show more

Don’t get me wrong! I think 4K looks great but...I can’t tell a difference. I have a 55’ 4K TV, compared both Blu-ray and 4K, not much of a difference. Am I the only one?

You see, I m trying to find a universal remote that doesn t require codes (or anything stupid and convoluted like that) and had a button that s labeled "SET" (where you hold the button down). I also need it to work with a converter box.

Would you recommend internet TV over satellite or cable? Are you using a Firestick or Roku or something else? Has it saved you money to switch to internet TV? I'm thinking hard about getting a Firestick for each TV.

Best answer: Nope. Go OLED

Basically, I want to know if there is some way that I can use the same android box for all my TVs or do I have to purchase separate android Tv boxes. Also idk if its important but these are the TVs I have: -Samsung UN46H5203 46-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model) -LG 32LH570B 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV... show more

Best answer: Yes. Hello,... PlayStation!!

Why am I obsessed with TVs?

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I've been obsessed with TVs for as long as I can remember. Not because of their functions or shows, in fact, I don't even really watch tv. And it's not the flat mine either, it's like the old, small, thick ones. I can't think of anything that might've caused this. I was thinking maybe... show more

Best answer: a yagi antenna with an antenna - amplifier. a yagi is a a dipol with several parasitary elements in the front and in the back of the dipol, to pull the gain of the antenna into one direction and atennuate the gain in the other directions. the yagi antenna is named yagi, because the name of the inventor of the... show more