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Is vinyl superior sound to cd?

11 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: CDs are clearer and due to their nature of sampling, do not capture the full sound possible. On the other hand, Vinyl gives you that full sound + scratches, hisses and distortions. That is its nature. Of the two, I'd prefer the CD. I am not enough of an audiophile to detect the missing sound, but I sure as... show more

Recently bought a sound system consisting of 2 x Sony Gtk-x1bt s however disappointed to discover unlike other speakers I ve had they are monotone sound. I d prefer a stereo system as will be using left and right channels for music and TV speakers and wondering how I might do this if even possible, could I... show more

Best answer: Don't get into the bad habit of buying things you don't need. The music sounds fine to you ? Enjoy !!!

I have the new style CD players that only have an aux input and no headphone jack. Is there any way I can plug headphones into this CD player?

Everytime I leave my WiFi area I can only play certain songs

If they’re getting rid of iTunes then How are people supposed to sync music and videos from other sites to their devices, what about purchased music, videos , apps and in app purchases and what about iCloud since iCloud is a part of iTunes?

I'm talking about the wired earbuds you got with the iPhone 5,6, not the airpods. Where can I order them online? With international shipping.

Now, how will people transfer music to their iPods

Best answer: Sounds quackers to me.

Best answer: No. What’s the point of recommending a “must have” classical album, or a similar progressive rock album, or a 1980s synth-pop one if you don’t like any one of those genres. Or of recommending a classic reggae album if you cannot bear the sound of it. Just do as we did back then when there was nothing... show more

Looking to buy headphones to work with my music device which is wired only. They should be noise cancelling or isolating. Ideally want the phones to last at least 2 years. Looking to spend at least $65 and not more than $130US