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I installed a new psu that apparently doesn't have a disc drive connector. How do I force eject my disc tray without having to reinstall the old psu just for a disc

Activate printer?

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Best answer: It won't hurt it at all. You'll just use some more electricity. Doing a big download? Be sure to go into "Power Options", and turn off any time-based sleep or hibernate settings. Feel free to turn off your monitor with the power switch. Everything will be fine.

What does this device do?

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So I job shadowed at Computers Unlimited today (business in Billing Montana) and they gave me a bag full of, well, things. Random things. Water bottle, notebook, pen, even a fidget spinner. None of these things are items that they sell, as they really only sell digital things like software. The one other thing I... show more

Which PSU do i need for the following specs?

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CPU: i7-4770, GPU: RX 480 RAM: 8gb please help me, Please!

Using a computer monitor as a T.V?

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I was thinking of getting a new T.V because mine is outdated and does not fit stuff well. I try adjusting the screen settings, but it only does so much. I was looking at newer T.V's, which are pretty pricey. However my friend told me about using a computer monitor as a T.V. Where would be a good place to start?


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Is my gpu dead?

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so i've had my gpu for about 2 years now no problems at all played all the top demanding games no issues im running rx 470 nitro 4gb from sapphire 4gb ram intel i3-6100 3.7ghz and 600w power supply i have not had any issues no freezes crashes etc.. 2 days ago while i was playing warframe i would't say a... show more

I have a Chromebook and I like it but I kinda miss having a Windows desktop. The only reason I haven't bought one is because I keep thinking desktops are on the verge of becoming obsolete yet they still sell them. I don't know what I should do. I don't wanna get one and then regret it and then be stuck... show more

Is this HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop good for its price?

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(Excuse my last attempt to make this post. I forgot to put in these details.) I'm looking for a gaming laptop. For my 600 dollar budget, I know that won't get me the highest performance, but should be enough to pass by. Everywhere I look, this laptop pops up. It's the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop... show more

Why is my Brother printer printing a blank page?

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If CPU at 300 degree Fahrenheit and smoke very much, what do?

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Best answer: I'm sorry to hear that you built your PC during the mining boom. Yes, there is a lot of hate for the Core i3, but that's only because of the name and the association with how bad those i3 processors were. Those old 2-core/4-thread i3 processors were never that good to begin with and time just made them... show more

What could be the possible reason for my slow pc?

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Best answer: I'd start with checking the system's temperatures, then checking for programs that are using excessive RAM, high CPU loads, or high hard drive usage. There are Linux utilities that do this, I just can't remember what they are at the moment. If it's overheating it makes things slow down. If some... show more

Hey guys, here's where I'm at now, I have an old PC that won't turn on anymore but the hard drive still works. I'm trying to transfer the data from the PC's hard drive onto my laptop using an adapter cord that fits perfectly into the hard drive and splits into two USB cords (one that goes to a... show more