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What would you do if Alex Jones hosting site took him down?

12 answers · Other - Internet · 17 hours ago
Best answer: Send him 1.3 bitcoin

Is there a way to login to payporn sites for free?

9 answers · Other - Internet · 2 days ago

I started talking to a guy I met recently online and we exchanged cell phone numbers. I was careful not to share my personal details with him; no pictures, he only knew my first name, and the state I lived in. A few days later he claimed that he had found my facebook profile because I came up as a suggested friend.... show more

Has Google lost it's mind associating confectionary with sex?

Which Country giving best cable internet services USA or UK ?

5 answers · Other - Internet · 2 days ago

Can I upload censored porn to youtube?

6 answers · YouTube · 4 days ago
Like if I placed black bars over boobs, vaginas and penises but kept all of the great audio, would I be allowed to upload it? thanks

They suspended me, they won't give me a reason other than list of broke one of terms. Don't know which rules. Anyway should I make new account? Or don't do anything for a while maybe year or so before make new account? Ya know wanna keep myself profile low and hopefully they forget me before I made new... show more

Facebook message request?

10 answers · Facebook · 6 days ago
Best answer: Just ignore it or say no to the message request.

I was on my bfs phone and i checked his messenger and it was like only 6 conversations, when usually it’s a whole lot like hundreds from over the years. i even checked his account info to make sure it wasn’t another account. it was the same. the 6 conversations were guy friends and then he deleted the app. so i... show more

Best answer: Its already bit them minority's, blacks, colored people will neve make the mistake again what they did with obama

Best answer: in trouble with whom? their mommy and daddy? the police wont care

I don’t know if the facebook rumours are reall?

6 answers · Facebook · 7 days ago
Peoplw say the owner of facebook is able to view all my data and even sells it? Should I be worried or is it all a lie?

Why do people like Gmail so much?

10 answers · Google · 1 week ago
Best answer: It's connected to all of the other programs by Google. I'm not too fond of Gmail, but my primary email has been Gmail for a while because I can access the cloud in seconds, it pairs well with my Chromebook, the GUI is pretty user friendly, and there are a few cool little widgets it has that help it run a... show more