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Best answer: It's probably got more to do with that there is no way to monetize it so sites that use to run them get taken down due to lack of funding.

Best answer: It depends on the language. Python 3 gives this error message: TypeError: 'int' object is not callable There may be exceptions, but if you meant to multiply 2 * 3, you would usually need a multiplication operator (*). So 6 / 2 * 3 would be 9.

Why select

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Okay so I am very confused. Let’s say someone asks you to find the person with the max salary from a table. A common solution I find online is to put: SELECT Name, Salary FROM Workers WHERE Salary=(SELECT MAX(Salary) FROM Workers); But why can’t you just put: SELECT Name, MAX(Salary) FROM Workers; ?? Why use a... show more

So my boyfriend, whose currently in another state right now, has recently had to shut down all of his technology. It started about 8 months ago, I think with his computer, then his phone and it’s spread to his TVs, his roommates phone, gaming consoles, even his mothers phone when she came to visit. On his computer... show more

Is this ethical?

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I build websites Is it ethical to build websites for businesses with Wix and squarespace and charge them for it for profit (obviously) meaning I'm charging more than it costs on these sites for them to do it themselves They don't know about wix and squarespace They don't know I'm just dragging and... show more

Best answer: i dont think so, i think it nnakes thenn snnart

If I post the question you all are going to give me back lash saying "dOnT uPloAd yOuR aSsIgNmEnTS wE'rE nOt dOinG tHeM" but when I actually ask someone for help in exchange for money ya'll think somebody is trying to scam you??????

I wanted to express my feelings towards programming and how it has changed over the years. I'm 19 right now and since I was old enough to understand even the basics of programming I have considered making a career out of it. Unfortunately with more research I now understand that a big part of creating software... show more

Is khanacademy a good website?

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How is Visual Basic Used Today?

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Best answer: There are a bunch of things called "Visual Basic". The original was Microsoft's primary rapid application development language for Windows from 1991 to about 2002 when VIsual Basic .Net was released. What exists today is Visual Basic .Net, very likely the second most-used language for the .Net... show more