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Best answer: Probably never. They already have a program for ebooks that supports EPUB files.

I first got stuck into the automatic repair loop and then I got the error disk cannot be read when I tried to boot up and now this please help

Can I copy phots to print?

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What are the objectives of software quality assurance?

Best answer: Several options depending on what the object is: 1) The compass on my smartphone also can provide Latitude, Longitude and height. Take a reading at the bottom of the object and the top of the object. Subtract the height at the top from the bottom. 2) Use algebra. Assuming the sun is out and the object casts a... show more

I have windows 10 installed on a 256 gb drive... I know not the best idea. Well it's out of space now and rather than having a bunch of different drives to keep track of, I would much rather just have one. I bought a new 2 tb SSD and am wondering how to get Windows 10 onto it. If the only way is to buy another... show more

I’m on Windows 10 I have a rx 460 and a 4300 I bought the system prebuilt

All my files are gone save for what is on my one drive and if I restart my computer it just deletes it all over again and the favorites on my internet browser as well.

I got a 2005 PC in March or April, and I installed Windows 10 on it. But now I'm starting to think I should've installed Windows 7 or lower because it's very slow, by installing Windows 7 would my computer run faster than it does now with Windows 10?

Something that leaves the face hairless.

Windows 10 Automatic updates?

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When my computer updated I lost all my photos & documents. I found my stuff in the recycle bin so I restored them some of the photos I recovered some I've lost but the ones I recovered won't open it justs keep saying download new app. Which app should I be Downloading.

Is this true about windows 10?

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i asked a question about what to expect with windows 10 when i have it installed later in the year...i still have a windows 7 desktop computer and i plan to have windows 10 put on a separate hard drive in this computer so i have the two operating systems in one computer......but when i asked about windows 10 and... show more

Best answer: It does, indeed, sir. Click on the following link to be taken to the Major Geeks website.

Best answer: The architecture of the old iPad cannot support the newer iOS. This is a case of physically impossible, not a software lockout.

Tools to convert PDF to excel?

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