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Connected piano to reciever?

4 answers · 3 days ago
A piano I'm thinking about getting has a 1/4 inch headphone jack. Now could I use a single 1/4 cable that splits into a L/R and connect that to my receiver, would that work fine for transferring the sound of the piano to my sound system?

Why are Hi-Fi system so heavy.?

7 answers · 1 week ago
Just wondering why are stereo systems so heavy. i mean like proper cinema systems or cabinet hi-fi. what’s in them that makes them so heavy to lift.?

I found a pair of Infinity Crescendo Home speakers at a thrift store thinking they'd be easy to repair. The speakers need replacement but the fasteners holding them in is a totally unfamiliar fastener, it is not a typical phillips head, torx, square drive, flathead or anything else. Any idea how to remove these... show more

I've never done this before. I had some big speakers lying around, Mission M71's, and I want to hook them up to my computer, or preferably to the output of my audio interface (I make music, but so far only with headphones). Apparently they used to be connected to a CD reciever. I'm guessing I can just... show more

i got an amp run, same gauge wire each way. usual install. now im installing an accessory fuse box under my rear seat that will mainly run 12v accessories - leds, etc. as well as relays )obv the power source will be directly to the battery, anyways - nothings hooked up yet just fabbed up. will a 270 watt 12 AWG... show more

My desktop runs on Gigabyte motherboard Gigabyte b85m-d3h-a. It says that it supports 5.1. And I have got Realtek HD Audio Manager (version I've just bought Logitech Z906. The conncetion is made with the 6- channel direct input cable Logitech provided. I connected both ends as per the colour codes... show more

Best answer: Yes, Both are region 1 and should play just fine.

I have an old Technics SA-EX110 receiver that I dug out of the closet and an old record player. The back of my receiver has these little tabs that you press down and feed the speaker wire into and release the tab (that holds the wire in place). I want to connect RCA connectors to those somehow so I can hear the... show more

Best answer: What you have is an 5.1 or 7.1 ANALOGUE speaker system designed to work with sound cards that output multi-channel audio over multiple jacks. So the Green, Black, and Yellow jacks would all plug into sockets of the same color on a compatible sound card. If you don't have a compatible sound card then all you... show more

Looking for info on those who have one of those "warm beasts" like the Pioneer SX-1980, Sansui G-33000 ,Nikko NR-1415....... and speaker pairing selections(old school 1970s speakers, mid 1980s, today's speakers....), cost of having a pro tuneup/repair and such..... Thanks

This is not an audiophile geared speaker it is gear for thunderous sound, so since audiophiles dislike thunderous and loud sound I am disregarding audiofool-based answers.

I currently have a Yamaha RX773 that is failing and use an older HK TS7 6 speaker system with a TS7 big subwoofer. I have an android box, PS3, Xbox1, Xfinity DVR, Amazon cube and at least one other HDMI device that I want to run from the receiver. Room is a small 12x8 rectangular with a Haier 75in 4k TV on the... show more

I know atmos is much better than regular surround sound and that standard surround sound is better than a soundbar but since atmos costs several grand to get all the enabled speakers and receiver, would an atmos soundbar be good enough to warrant its purchase over a standard surround sound system? And yes, I do... show more