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Do 'Clear' 3D glasses exist?

5 answers · 3 hours ago
The glasses to watch 3D movies are always dark and polarized, its like wearing sunglasses. Its hard to see the movie. If clear glasses dont exist, what is the closest thing you recommend?

Best answer: Yes. They tend to come from seller companies that specialisze in such multi region gear, such as 220 electronics. They have such players with various features, such as 3D capability, and some with 4K capability.

Best answer: Parts Express has many options: https://www.parts-express.com/subwoofer-...

What Speakers should I get?

3 answers · 1 month ago
So I've never really purchased any good quality speakers (besides wireless Bluetooth kinds) and I want to get some good ones for listening to music I don't know much about speakers but I know I want to get bookshelf speakers what are some good brands and models for under 300$

Rear speaker quiet?

8 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: You don't appear to understand the concept of surround sound. The rear speakers aren't there to play the same sounds as the front speakers. Educate yourself::https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/ho...

How do I stop my HWK450 soundbar to keep going off when it is set to BT (Bluetooth)? If the soundbar receives no audio for a period of time the soundbar keeps going off. I want to use it as an amplifier for my tablet and phones alarm clock but because no sound goes into the speaker throughout the night time the... show more

Best answer: The receiver just might pop them if it has any power. The fronts can take 200 Watts RMS (more but still) while the rears can't take more than 25 for VERY short periods of time. I do not recommend attaching those speakers to the rear. To an amp for your bedroom alarm system, sure, but to a receiver capable of... show more

Best answer: He should have Bought Other Sound Equipment. Bose is drastically overpriced dreck. Return the system for a refund, then buy proper separates. Truly good speakers cost $200 or more each (thus you're looking at $1,000 for the "5" part of surround sound) and a truly good "subwoofer"... show more

How do i download my jbl speaker?

3 answers · 2 months ago

Best answer: Sophy this is a really silly question. What do you mean 'is it all right'? you can do exactly what you like - except - and it really is worth thinking very hard about this - branding someone a sex offender until they have actually been found guilty. But as to skipping scenes, why not?