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Do you think my hair is too long?

29 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Not if you can maintain it. As long as you can take care of it and it's not too much of a hassle then it's not too long.

My boyfriend has long and thicker hair than me I'm so f**king jealous. My hair is quite long, mid-back length, but it's very flat. His hair is currently hip-length now and it's sooo thick. When I met him, he had shoulder length hair and that was fine, but he's been growing his hair out for the past... show more

Best answer: Shoulder length with bangs (unless you have a widows peak then don't get bangs. It will look terrible.)

What hair type is this?

7 answers · 22 hours ago
Best answer: 3c hair type

Im a guy with short hair that are thick. One hairdresser was blowdrying my hair and she didn't do it very carefully (she didn't treat them very well). Could this destroy my hair permanently?

Do only girls wear pigtails?

6 answers · 2 days ago
I've been wearing it for a while now. My hair is pretty long though. If I just wear it out i look like a hippee.

What color are my eyes?

55 answers · 1 week ago
It's like some mix of blue and brown. I'm not sure what it's called.