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Are you obsessed with your hair?

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Is my hair short or medium length?

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Do ALL Women shave their legs?

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I've never had any hair on my legs and never have to shave. My legs stay totally hairless. I'm not hairy at all. Even my pubes and pits. Do all women shave ?

How do I look with my new wig?

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Should I keep my hair straight?

Best answer: I thought that they had Buzz cuts or shaved heads as they want to be like men

Best answer: Yes every old person does have gray hair. As you age your hair loses whatever it is and begins to turn gray and it also will start to lose its texture and become grasslike or strawlike that's just how every person male or female works but you can dye it black at the same time it's not easy at a certain... show more

Why do I have curly hair as an asian?

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I have 3b/3c (im also full asian) and I find it weird cause most asians have straight hair

Best answer: I think men should take care of themselves too and of course it includes waxing/shaving. I don’t expect them to do their legs and arms but the chest yes (I hate chest hair) and also their face (beard is not nice and it’s full of bacterias)

Hair Loss?

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what causes hair loss

Best answer: Really long hair that isn't nicely groomed, doesn't have any shape or style to it, that isn't a good look on any one. If it has some shape or a style to it then it may look more attractive. How ever. A guy that really likes you shouldn't care what you do with your hair, as long as you're happy... show more

Hair loss and Cannabis?

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Does cannabis cause hair loss in men ?

I'm not going to cut it

I just got my hair done today. It was bleached then covered with blue dye. I’m going on vacation tomorrow and am wondering if I will be able to go swimming tomorrow. If not how long until I will be able to?