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Anything other than black, brown, red blonde etc.

I’m a fifteen year old girl and I’m *really* insecure about my body hair. It’s barely noticeable, but i have some hairs on my stomach. It bothers me so much even tho I never really wear anything that exposes it. I get embarrassed talking about it with my mom, and a few weeks ago she even took me to get waxed but... show more

What is my hair color?

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Brown or blonde?

What is hair cut modeling called?

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I once got asked to have my hair cut a certain hair style for money and have it be recorded what exactly would that be called if I was looking like that now? “Hair cut model”?

My hair is long and if I wear it up for a long time I get a headache. So what is some of the best ways to wear my hair without getting a headache?

My ladystache has more hairs.?

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ive been threading and plucking my ladystache for a couple of months now (im only 14) it was actually pretty thick and dark (thank my arab genes) and only only the skin around a cm on my top lip had dark hairs. now i can see hairs higher on the upper lip nearer to the cheeks. there really thin but theyre dark and i... show more

Whats the best colour?

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Best answer: None of us can afford what she had done anyway

Best answer: i have naturally thick hair but in my family there are some people who have hair thinner than my patience and found out that even know different and can be a little expensive horse shampoo and conditioner help a lot

Why don't women go bald?

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Best answer: Some do. The ones that do generally wear wigs, so you can't tell. The condition of pattern baldness is inherited through the mother in mitochondrial DNA. Pattern baldness is triggered by a genetic disposition for dihydrotestosterone (DHC), a natural occurring endogenous androgen sex steroid, to cumulatively... show more

I have naturally mid brown hair

I hate my hair!!!?

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I have been trying to love my afro-textured hair for about 4 years now. Today I can say that I absolutely hate it! Last winter I lost a portion of my hair due to stress. It felt like I was starting all over again so I decided to put straight hair extensions. Ti is honest I want to achieve self-love. I feel... show more

For the longest time I was clean shaven and at most had scruff. After two weeks of hiking and growing a decent beard I've since kept a beard longer than I used to have (nothing terribly long) because I've had people say I look 20 without facial hair.