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Best answer: Tell her what your hairdresser told you. I’m almost certain you can put all the blame on a hairdresser that F-ed up your hair. Explain to your mum how upset you are that your hair is so short, and you never wanted it like that. If she’s understanding enough she’ll call that salon and shout at them till her throat... show more

I get bullied for been ginger?

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Best answer: You're not alone, because there are so many people going through being bullied for looking different and being different, and constantly get discriminated against for their appearance, I was one of those people growing up. I got teased about how looked for the majority of my life, going through primary school,... show more

What is causing my hair loss?

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im a 24 year old female. for the last few months i have noticed my hair is falling out allot. i notice the most when im in the bath or shower.. it sometimes comes out in chunks. i am starting to get balled spots on the front of my head. im really worried as this has never happened before... ive never noticed any... show more

She said it will cost around $100 (colour and trim) and will take around 3 hours to finish my hair

Can blonde hair grey at age 28?

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I will wash my hair and go to sleep, but when I wake up my hair is already greasy and really dirty. It’s so hard waking up and having to shower every morning when I can just do it at night! I have tried changing my sheets/pillow cases more often. Tried changing pillows and NOTHING works! Is there any shampoo or... show more

Is the hairstyle bad?

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Best answer: You need to shampoo your hair and condition. Then let it air dry a little bit and blow dry it the rest of the way. Then flat iron it. Start from the front pulling the hair up and away from your face, and curl the tips inward. You'd be rolling your wrist in a circle kind of like if you were winding a fishing rod. show more

I’ve got very dry brittle hair, I don’t use heat or dye my hair. I’ve got the same hair type as my grandmother, she could go 2 weeks without washing her hair as it was so dry. I’ve been recommended to try rice water after I deep condition my hair (I don’t use regular conditioner because it does nothing) as a cold... show more

i’m 15 in 10th grade(f) i have very thick black and long hair on my legs. There to the point where i wear jeans and you can still see them at the bottom cause they have spread to my foot. my mom does not allow me to wax or either shave. it’s really embarrassing cause when i sit in class and my jeans rise up all the... show more