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It was 4 Years ago and I was a stupid teenager deciding that I looked cool at the time if I got a tattoo. I wanted to outdo all of my friends so I decided that I was going to get a full sleeve leg tattoo (mainly consisting of roses, flowers and my boyfriends (at the time) name in large down the middle etc... Not... show more

Poll do you like redheads?

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How much are tattoos?

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How much is a full sleeve tattoo for both arms and full upper body tattoos? On average for an experienced good tattoo artist?

What should I do my blouse flew open?

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So I’m looking to get a tattoo?

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I’m 18 and currently looking for a tattoo roughly for £100-£150. I don’t want it to be to small but not to big as it’s my first one. I want it in my forearm. Any ideas on what to get?

What is the best soap for very oily face skin?

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I already use a bar soap for oily skin (once a day) and micellar water (by the morning), but it isn't working as I expected. My T zone is still greasy after half an hour.

Tattoo hourly rate?

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Best answer: This is a tricky one - did you agree a price or sign anything? If no, you will most likely to charged at the new price. Nothing can be done I'm afraid. But bail and look for an other artists but you will lose any deposits.

Why is everyone saying i look like a man?

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I am 13, and I pierced my nose the other day?

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(by myself, with a sewing needle & thumb tack) And my mama don't know. How should I tell her, or should I even tell her? And don't tell me 'Take it out, she didn't allow you to have.' Cause its my body she shouldn't have a say anyway.

Tongue piercing help! infected?

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Best answer: Yes, this sounds like it is infected. It sounds like it was irritated, the irritation was never dealt with, and it elevated into an infection. Take the antibiotics like you have been instructed. Do sea salt rinses, and use alcohol free mouthwash after each meal.

Do you regret getting plastic surgery?

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What did you get done? Did you feel disappointed in yourself for not being able to accept yourself?

How can I improve my looks?

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What age should i get a nose job?

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Best answer: You should wait until you are at least 18. This way you can save up the money for the surgery. You can also decide if this is something you really want to do. If you are sure, start looking up plastic surgeons. See if any have free consultations. If they do, talk with them about what you want, and see if they... show more

Week old lobe piercing, she touched it few times with dirty hands after touching money all day. My ear is red now and maybe a little bit swollen, is that alarm for an infection?

I'm surprised this girl at one of my uni classes is super christian and stuff but I realized she had this small tattoo on her left shoulder, I'm so curious like what could it mean, I can't ask her since I'm not close to her. Maybe something about sex?