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Why do ugly people exist?

21 answers · 3 days ago
Evolution should get rid of ugly people

Best answer: I think they can

Best answer: It's possible you just aren't his type. Some people like certain things and they aren't open to other things ever. Like ice cream. Some people will never ever like vanilla and will only eat chocolate. Doesn't matter how you dress up the vanilla with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles; or... show more

Best answer: the girl on the right is prettier but I like Amy, too

Do you think thin lips is ugly?

7 answers · 9 hours ago

I have a job interview at a local supermarket tomorrow and it is in the morning so I would have to miss some school. Would it be appropriate for me to wear school uniform or does that look like im not trying? If school uniform isnt a good idea then what should i wear? I am a fifteen year old girl btw. Any help is... show more

Do you like Tabu perfume?

8 answers · 1 day ago
Sexy or gauche?

Does helen keller know shes white?

7 answers · 15 hours ago

Best answer: If he said that than probably not

I think my body is fat

Is my body fat?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Should i lose at least 10 kilos to have a nice body??

Best answer: That's because the I-phone lens is a wide angle lens, it will always distort the depth, make your nose look bigger and your cheeks puffier. Any professional photographer will use a real camera with a telephoto lens for people. The only time you use wide angle lens is situations like when I was a model, to make... show more

Sometimes i put perfume on after a shower but i think putting perfume on without showering is uncomfortable.

Should I pluck my eyebrows?

6 answers · 10 hours ago
or leave it as it is?