Fast Food's questions - Filipino iziqna

Best answer: everyone saying that it is NOT disgusting has no idea what money is covered with,,, you can get e.coli from it dude.(among a lot of other bad/gross stuff)

Best answer: Cause working at fast food sucks.

You don't know if they even sanitize or wash their equipment or even use clean ingredients.

I went to dominos yesterday and got a large pepperoni pizza and it was 14 dollars and it didn’t even look like a large. Usually I feel like they’re bigger and when I used to go it was only about 8 dollars. But that was only a few months ago when I went there last. I’m just confused.

I like my 12 in toasted chicken teriyaki with pepperjack, lettuce, onion, pickle, maybe jalapenos, ranch, and maybe buffalo sauce. wbu

I know this might sound stupid but whenever my friends ask me if we can go to McDonald’s I don’t want to be picky, but I’m an athlete, and I want to know which one is better for me, the chicken tenders, or the burger, since those are really the only two things I like from there

Best answer: Currently that offer is being shown on their website so it is available at participating locations. This can end at any time so it may not be valid tomorrow Here is a link showing current offers

Best answer: Based on those statistics and McDonalds' quality, yes, they are priced reasonably. If they weren't, they wouldn't be so popular everywhere.

I know of a Taco Bell near me and I want to refill water without ordering any food. There is a soft drink fill area in my restaurant that is accessible by customers, but is it legal for me to use it without ordering food?

Best answer: you Didnt give them money lol