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Best answer: Like they have any! Liberals love to make things up in order to blame a person hoping to get them removed for their position. There was no collusion, the electoral college voted for him!

Best answer: Research shows that those people who rate highly on the narcissism scale and who have low self-esteem tend to be conspiracy believers. People who doubt the moon landings or are flat Earther’s are most likely to be selfish and attention-seeking

Best answer: Hypocrisy. Trump has appealed to his supporters fears- fear of immigrants, minorities, gays, even of women. That fear is so strong it overrules all their other morals and values.

I had some other friends on my facebook that changed their profile pictures and they got all kind of likes and even friends that are also from my facebook page, but they ignore mine, and I even like theres hoping they would like mine back, and still didn't happen, what could be the problem, or maybe I need to... show more

Best answer: Russia does not want you. Russia has more than enough half wits of their own with out one more and a America one at that!

Do girls like boys ?

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What does Not similar means?

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Best answer: You probably will need to get your start at a daycare center. Better if you can get in Head Start as an aide. Your degree will be a plus. But do look at a 4 yr teaching degree for best paychecks.

Best answer: Liberal indoctrination is too important to waste an hour and the children are more susceptible when they are fatigued .

Are you a good boy?

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Best answer: Stung

Best answer: 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Best answer: Knowing Trump, he would promise to pay you a lot and then not pay you anything because he didn't like the way you stood.

Have you kissed a roofer today?

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