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He claims that “When politicians say, "Now is not the time to talk about gun control" they are right, and Hogg is wrong. Hogg needs to go back to history class and learn that politicians did address this centuries ago. Since he seemed to have miss that key point during his schooling. It is called the... show more


My daughter has went to the same daycare for almost a year and never had any issues. She recently accused 2 of the daycare employees of hitting her and locking her in a dark room as well as pulling down her pants, slapping her vagina and saying it's a secret. Went to social services with that one and the... show more

Best answer: You're probably just not attractive enough. That's school for you.

Best answer: No. The public should do that for the president...

Best answer: Because they always have been cowards. Always playing the victim to get what they want. Behind their creepy Wapanese smiles are monsters who take and take. They also even tried to steal KIMCHI from Koreans and attempted to register it as “Kimuchi.” Thankfully Westerners denied this and they weren’t able to steal it... show more

Best answer: Because they're technically male but they have the testosterone levels of a woman, almost....Pretty sure most women have deeper voices and can mop the floor with the vast majority of them in a fight.

Got any good vegetarian recipes?

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im so tired of popcorn and cheetos.

Face it, Canadian women are evil witches with no regard for ANYTHING........well the young Caucasian ones. The sooner they're no more, the better. Nobody would miss them one bit! Anyway I hope Trump would approve of this. He probably detests Canadian women too.

Is it almost April?

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Best answer: Yes. All the trumptards told me it was a Democrat.

Best answer: That's easy--the GOP. Those Hondurans aren't hurting anyone. They're fleeing from terrorists.

Best answer: Add a couple of used blow up vagina's and you have the typical Trump follower man cave.

Best answer: Yes and for making fun of her turkey neck.