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How did sandra Bullock die ?

9 answers · Cordoba · 4 hours ago

With money stolen in 1979 when they fled Iran? Iran was a filthy rich country with oil contracts everywhere. Is this old money the reason for Iranian wealth? Why can't an American reach this point of wealth? Can it proven mathematically that old and inherited money is the reason for wealth and being a self... show more

What was your least favorite sitcom of the ‘90s?

6 answers · La Plata · 1 week ago
Best answer: Seinfeld, only because I hate real-life Jerry and Micheal Richards after his racist 2006 rant.

Best answer: No, he said he would end the wars but guess what still there, only less so. Obama care was a realistic try to fix the healthcare issue, but it turned into a disaster What else did he have? Free flip phones? Weak economic recovery?

Why is Robert Mueller afraid to testify under oath?

8 answers · Pinamar · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: 2 reasons mainly. 1. he knows he spent 40 million dollars and failed the Democrat party that wanted results. 2. He knew from early on that it was based on a fake report paid for by Hillary AND that he could not charge a sitting president. He knew it was a waste of time and a fraud.

Someone has already created startup based on an idea I had, should I continue? They already have a beautiful app & website, while I'm still trying to find a tech co-founder. I don’t know if I can make an app that is simpler and more beautiful to use.

How to Choose Stocks for Long Term Investment?

5 answers · Bariloche · 4 weeks ago

Humorous ways to fake your own death?

5 answers · Salta · 1 month ago
I am writing a story about a character who does this and am just needing a little inspiration.

Best answer: You noticed that too. If I didn't live in the US, I would think that half the population is black and 100% of them are upstanding citizens who are victims of racism. It doesn't take long for immigrants to learn the truth. Even Africans stay away from them.

Best answer: As of 13th of August 2017,10pm GMT, according to this post, there were two, Etheroll and DASH. I also noticed Zcash is also 21 million. It is clear most cryptocurrencies have a larger... show more

Where can I advertise my garage sale?

5 answers · Bariloche · 2 months ago

When will atheists ever GUS?

0 answers · San Bernardo · 3 months ago
Best answer: I'm too busy TIRHing.

Is it reasonable that the law is forcing us to play along with transgender delusionals?

24 answers · Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered · 4 months ago
Best answer: NOT AT ALL. A person is BORN either a MALE or a FEMALE - NOTHING ELSE. If a person decides to be part, of the LGBTQ Society, that is their business and their personal choice. If they want a Sex Change operation, Birth Control or Abortion = PAY FOR IT YOURSELF! A person's personal choice is NOT a tax... show more