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Christians, is this how some of you found God.?

4 answers · Puerto Vallarta · 1 day ago
One dark night my next-door neighbour Mark was out in his back garden, he had been drinking and smoking weed, and he carelessly stumbled and fell down. The next day Mark told me that a bright light from heaven came towards him, and then he felt a sprinkling of warm water and knew is sole had be cleansed. However,... show more

Does God get a lot of enjoyment in wiping out humanity?

8 answers · Ciudad Juarez · 2 weeks ago

Isn't ignoring a subpoena against the law, isn't it an obstruction of justice? How can the White House and the President even think of asking something like that?

Why do atheists consider themselves as enlightened?

26 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 weeks ago
For one thing, they could be wrong. Sure, there are millions of gods/deities around the world, and some created at the seconds. But, there can only be one God. Those religions around the world are all describing a One Powerful Entity, yet are getting the supposed God name mixed up. There can only be one God... show more

How will atheists disrespect God today?

18 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Which god do you have in mind? There are said to be thousands of them. You set one up and I'll give it a pop, OK?

What causes those like Dianne and Shadow to end up as full of hate?

14 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Poor diet. You are what you eat

Best answer: Hey, they are willing to take your money through compulsory taxes and redistribute it to baby mama's, illegals, and addicts. They are extremely generous people...with other people's money.

I live in the state of Massachusetts and the majority of the people here are White. I eat out and go shopping a lot and one thing I noticed is that most people who work at minimum wage jobs are either Black or Hispanic.

Is atheism a coverup?

10 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 1 month ago
Covering up the existence of God

Best answer: Math of 3 is 1

new atheists

Best answer: Some atheists have bruxism, a term you've undoubtedly never heard of.

Why hasn’t Jea learned to tell the truth?

5 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 months ago
Best answer: Truth is not a "learned" process. It is a choice.

What car I should buy with U$4000 income per year?

10 answers · Chihuahua · 2 months ago