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This may sound odd but did the Iraqis have any martial artists during the 2003 war? Whilst Iraqis are the bad guys did you encounter any Iraqi martial artists ? Or are they all fat couch potatoes?

and will remove them or confront them if they post anything about fights?

Can a Kali stick be used to kill?

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Or is it just a weapon to stun your opponent rather than cause severe injury?

Best answer: Absolutely! 40 may be a bit old if you want to become a professional, but you still have plenty of years to become great. I've trained with a few people in the past that started in their late 30s. They were able to make consistent process with the right training.

Cause I got argument with some Algerian guy and he's like "I train UFC, I will whoop your ***". I just couldn't help it but laugh

Best answer: There is a front snap kick and a front thrust kick and the two are somewhat different with the thrust kick being much more powerful. The snap kick is just primarily the lower leg together with the upper leg somewhat. So it does not have the power of the thrust kick but it does not take quite as long to retract... show more

Best answer: i personally use apple cider vinegar for my reflux issues.

Bible + sword and martial arts?

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Best answer: They are a bunch of hypocrites. They take the Bible usually the King James Version, and take it as written in stone. Here a secret on that. It was completely misinterpreted. It was translated from earlier versions and languages (key point) and written in English of that time (it has changed thru the centuries). So... show more

I am taking taekwondo, and I’d love to know what other types are most beneficial for self defense techniques.

Even though Sensi Segal said his chi was too great for him to be choked out?

Best answer: Let her be. First they do teach in most major police academies some type of training to take down large individuals. And for most situations. After she has graduated and is on the force just talk to her. Kind of compare notes. And go from there. Do not push or insist. Another things is most police departments... show more

well over a decade ago, perhaps 18 years ago i damaged the knuckle on my right hand by hitting something solid very hard, in anger, and i damaged the nerves in my knuckles region on my hand....i can still use my hand to grip etc....but in the past, it has hurt to punch anything with that hand...a specialist... show more

Is judo and jiu jitsu good?

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Best answer: Judo is awesome, but competition butchered the art. BJJ is hipster Judo, ingrains bad habits, but has the most developed ground game of any sub grappling style. It's never good to go to your back purposefully. In a live combat situation, the last place you want to be is on the ground. You will get the shjt... show more

Or just eating 1g per body pound of protein enough?

How strong was Bruce Lee?

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Best answer: There's is a difference between strength and power. Power is force per second. Answer: he was strong for a guy his size, but that isn't what made him. What made him was speed, fast twitch muscle fiber with good neural reflexes. Edit... Let me explain. F = MA, Kinetic energy = (1/2)mv^2. The m is mass,... show more

Best answer: The Art of fighting without fighting means " USE YOUR MIND IN DEFEATING YOUR OPPONENT ". This should be the MOTTO of the UNITED NATIONS. The BEST fight is when we do NOT fight.

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