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Is mma good for self defense?

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Restarting taekwondo?

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When I was younger I achieved a green belt in taekwondo (this was around 5 years ago) and I want to return to the dojang. However I cannot remember all of the terminology or patterns, would this mean that I start at white belt again even if I can pick it up again very quickly? I would be returning to the same... show more

Karatê VS Capoeira?

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Best answer: There are a couple of valid reasons for the kai and why it is done. First is that it helps add power and strength to your technique and if you believe in the metaphysical aspects of martial arts and the existence of inner strength and "ki" or "chi" it helps to harness those things as well and a... show more

Best answer: I've never heard of this practice by gyms or martial arts schools. The closest I've seen is an application one needs to fill out, and potentially an interview to ascertain the caliber of person with whom the teacher is dealing, but that has been for very ethical schools who don't want their name sullied... show more

Whenever I have a discussion with someone about Bruce Lee vs modern mma fighters they act like Bruce can beat anyone in a fight to the death. They agree the mma fighters will win in the cage but in the street Bruce would win. Even in forums most people takes Lee’s side. It really bugged me when someone was saying... show more

I'm asking this to get a gauge of just how much time most martial artists spend training?

Best answer: If they do, then they've obviously never seen Lateef Crowder in action. And if they're not careful he could go pure Eddie Gordo on their arses. And we all know how well that works out.

Best answer: The best chance is for you to be involved with it as well. Take classes with him or be a coach. Kids want to do things with their parents at a young age. That is your best bet. If it doesn't work, then move onto something else.

IMO, I think Trump would hit Obama in the medulla oblongata, resulting on Obama curling into a ball due to excruciating pain and passing out.

Hiya. This probably isnt the best place to ask for this but i would love to learn most/ all forms of kung fu. Is their any societies in the uk what do multiple forms of it as i have really only learned wing chun. Thank you.

Why can’t people do this?

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Best answer: For the same reason billionaires can't just beat you up for looking at them wrong. Because not even normal people are legally allowed to do it. It makes no difference if you are an average Joe or a professional mma fighter. Feelings aside, getting spit on is in no way equal to getting physically beaten up and... show more

Best answer: if you are not trained, a switch blade is not a good choice

Do you follow the sport of MMA ?

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why or why not ?

So my friend who has been training in boxing for about a year and a half is going to spar another one of my friend who trains in Muay Thai for also about a year and a half. The guy who is a boxer said he’s cool with kicks so my friend said he’s gonna but the legs starting in the first round. Will this affect the... show more