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Best answer: Juliette, Grace, Willow or Maeve for a girl. Logan or Sebastian for a boy. Yes, I know I didn't pick just one. Couldn't make up my mind.

Can I legally name my son Adolf?

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My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and I told her I like the name Adolf

Does this name sound bad?

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Solar Erza Elizondo

Margaret becames Margaretbeth (but pronounced mar-ga-ray-beth) Genevieve becomes Jenivivica Beatrice becomes Beatarich (but said as beet-uh-rich) Thank you

Do you like the name Alvin?

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Richard? Worlds worst name?

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I'm very strong in my faith and I always loved the names Faith,Hope, Joy, etc but I want something different and uncommon. So I thought of Prayer. So her name would be Cheyanna Prayer, does this sound too much ? No offense to anyone whose name is Prayer, I love it Lol thanks!

I'm asking because I want to name my daughter after my grandma, but her real name I found out was Lizbee-Anne Roacher. I don't know if I should name my child that. And just "Anne" or something would carry no meaning at all.

Which name is the best?

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Aurora Annabelle Arwen Lily-Rose or just Rose (nn Rosie) With one syllables last name. Whats your fav one and can you plz answer these questions below?? 1. is the name Aurora too mouthful?? 2. Do you think name Annabelle is ruined bc of that horror movie? 3. If you chosed the number 3, which one is better, ... show more

Sibling name ideas?

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My husband and I are pregnant for the second time with a little girl. We are thinking of names that will go well with our other two children s names (my oldest son is from my first marriage). My sons name is Sean and my daughters name is Hope. Names we are thinking of were Taylor, Annette, Maya, Julia, or... show more

Best answer: I like both names, but not together. However, first and middle names are rarely used together, if ever, so I think it would be fine.