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Is there a such thing as a quiet spirit?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 10 hours ago

Why people refuse to believe in secret societys?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 3 days ago
Best answer: They are too lazy to do research, or they have already been programmed to not believe them.

Demons and attachment?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
I’ve always been kinda different and I can hear and see things sometimes that nobody else sees. Since I was born, I grew up around hauntings.. everywhere I lived, some kind of demon or spirit haunted me and my family. A month ago my friends and I decided to do the Ouija board and whatever was talking to us told me... show more

Best answer: Well if it's first introduction is to wave at you then maybe you don't know Death when he is staring you in the face.

How do we know, half-bloods aren't real?

5 answers · Other - Alternative · 1 week ago
Listen. How do we know? Stuff happens, that we can't explain! Why can't there be a place where people that have god parents, and have these powers can go to be safe? How do we know, that the greek gods aren't real? How do we know, that theres not an actual camp, with living beings that we can't see?... show more

Has Bigfoot ever been seen at the beach or near the ocean?

8 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 5 days ago

Have you'd ever experienced any paranormal activity?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago
Best answer: No, in my opinion, there is no such thing as paranormal activity. No ghosts, psychic powers or anything supernatural.

The Spectral Battle Of Sedgemoor?

4 answers · Other - Alternative · 5 days ago
So, recently, i was talking about 'paranormal phenomena' with my grandfather, discussing what we both thought it was as a whole, whether it was just a phenomenon related to the mind, or whether it was something more real. And in doing so, he told me that his grandfather told him about 'the battle of... show more

What should i do if i am haunted?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago
Hi. I know this crazy but I believe i am haunted i have always believed in paranormal activity. when I sleep i feel like i am being attacked i try to wake up but can’t I literally feel this and wake up with unexplained bruises like a few nights ago. I have felt like i was being dragged out of my bed by my ankles i... show more

My front door opened and I heard the knob twist?

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That explains it. I was on the couch next to the front door and I heard the knob twist like someone was there and the door flew open. what the??????? should i sleep here tonight?

What’s the sticky stuff that is on a letter?

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Why is this paranormal stuff posted in Science and Math?

10 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: UK Q&A put it here so smarty pants spotty boys and big willy woofs could come here and ruin everything by continually asking for evidence and waffling on about critical thinking. I don't need evidence or to think! If I like an idea then that is good enough for me. Yes psychic powers are real and they are... show more

Meaning of the number 3?

11 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
hello, this is a really sensitive topic for me to talk about, but my little sister was diagnosed with leukemia and she passed away on Sunday, and it was February 3rd, and she was 3 years old when she passed away, and I was wondering if this means anything? or am I going insane?

Do you believe in the paranormal?

14 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
What are some of your paranormal stories??

Could this be a spirit? I have only just moved here but I do feel like something’s watching me at night time and I swear sometimes I see a black shadow out the corner of my eye but when I turn my head, it’s gone. Also I heard noises lastnight like someone was walking around. Also My place is only 10years old and... show more