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Why do people get so passionate when arguing about aliens?

8 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 15 hours ago
I can understand Christians being agitated defending the existence of Jesus since many imagine that they have some sort of relationship with this character. But why aliens? Who really cares if they are here or not? What it is going to change if they have visited Earth, never left their home planet, or don't... show more

Best answer: Technology! it removes the "Human factor" (unconscious or deliberate) from the equation.

Are they frustrated because they have no good evidence for the beliefs which are so dear to them?

What would happen if we sent a scientist back to the Stone Age?

29 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago

I don't think they would, what would be the point? They are too busy trying to gloss over their own mistakes to worry what the population would think about extraterrestrial visitors.

Best answer: Because telling a story about something that you saw is not good evidence that it actually happened, or at least didn't happen in the way that you describe it. Of course people see UFOs all the time, but they are just that, unidentified objects, not visitors from outer space.

There are an estimated 23.6 million cases of people suffering from schizophrenia alone, not to mention the other sorts of psychosis and the effects of substance abuse.

The fake psychics are giving the whole occupation a bad reputation, why can't the truly gifted get together to prevent these charlatans ruining the public perception of this service?

I am trying to establish the link between the persons ability to read objects correctly, and the ability to see ghost images. I think there may be a correlation because if an object can be read then a room may also be read.

Is my house haunted?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 5 days ago
The last few weeks some strange and creepy things happened. I was walking my dog outside couple of days ago and when I came back home the tv was on which I swear I turned off before going out, i’m 100 percent sure I turned him off because I dont want to waste the energy when i’m not at home. Later that night when I... show more

If we all knew an afterlife was like, how would we be living our lives here and now? We may not care to take this life seriously. Death makes us live, we have survival instinct, it’s our natural tendency to AVOID death, is it not? I’ve said before, we are given clues, but nothing concrete from the other side (at... show more